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Walking TALL Training & Consulting, Inc.



About Us

Consulting, training and coaching company focusing on brand personality, personal branding, employee engagement and leadership branding.

Your company brand today is what your customers SAY about their experience with you to their contacts. That experience gets talked about, and those layers to your reputation go global instantly through social media. Furthermore, that experience will always come through an interaction they have had with your people.

Walking TALL is a system for increasing self-value, personal empowerment and brand engagement.
Quite simply, we put values back in business.

The results our clients enjoy in their businesses include higher levels of employee engagement, increased employee commitment to the brand values, improved motivation, increased productivity, effervescent buzz in their teams, and enhanced brand personality.

With over 20 years experience of delivering this evolving & proven methodology, across 25+ countries and multiple cultures, we are trusted by some of the largest and most successful companies globally.

Walking TALL is based in the USA and UK with an international team of trainers.

Founder and CEO, Lesley Everett has authored three books and is an international professional speaker and expert on personal branding and the personality of the corporate brand and the Walking TALL Methodology.


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