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Khaki's Men's Clothier of Carmel



About Us

That’s the best way to describe Khakis of Carmel. Ever since the beginning its been about authenticity, craftsmanship, and creativity. That is to say, those core beliefs have been at the heart of the store’s focus.

Infusing a modern twist into classic styling isn’t easy, but Khakis has carved a niche as the go-to menswear establishment. Certainly, Details are everything, and walking through the front door is like stepping onto a sartorial playground for the style-conscious man. Above all, we are all ?thinkers, tailors, and bold merchandisers.

Led by an experienced team, Khakis has developed a curated mix of merchandise for the modern man. Consequently, products range from moderately priced pieces to many of the most luxurious brands in the world. Artisanal workmanship is at the heart of every conversation. Therefore, Khakis of Carmel offers a vast array of American-made clothing in addition to many of Europe’s top designers. However, no matter the season, Khakis always has a unique blend of quality and variety.


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