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Patron Services Manager

Sunset Cultural Center, Inc.
Job Description
Position Summary

The Patron Services Department supports two of SCC's main revenue centers: Development and Programming. The Patron Services Manager (PSM) oversees daily operations for SCC's box office, including single-ticket and subscription/membership sales and services and box office staff management and scheduling. The PSM is responsible for the management and maintenance of SCC's customer database in the Tessitura sales and CRM platform, and oversees the technical and functional aspects of the software in conjunction with internal and external technical support. The PSM coordinates upgrades and customization of the software as needed and continually identifies and solves database requirements.

The PSM also works in tandem with members of the senior management team to ensure the highest degree of patron and donor satisfaction and engagement. The PSM reports to the Director of Marketing and supports the organization's efforts to mine data that will assist with analyzing sales and attendance trends, identify new product types and areas for potential growth, and design and execute database marketing strategies that will grow earned and contributed revenue streams for the organization.

Key Responsibilities

Box Office Management
  • Oversee and manage all Patron Services staff, operations, and reporting related to event ticket sales and donations, including managing the Tessitura/TNEW/TN Mobile Plus Ticketing platform, customer databases, and creating and distributing reconciliations and reports to appropriate department heads
  • Accurately and promptly complete all Box Office accounting for the Finance Department, including daily receipts reporting, deposits, cash handling, and reconciliations
  • Perform all event set-up and administration functions in Tessitura, such as building ticketed productions in a variety of scaling configurations, programming special offers and promotions, programming subscription and membership benefit administration, etc
  • Support strategic planning and the execution of special marketing initiatives within the Tessitura system, such as ticket buyer retention programs and membership renewal tactics
  • Execute strategies to enhance the audience experience during productions, including add-on benefits and upselling opportunities
  • Liase with various departments, coordinating specific sales/ticketing-related projects including subscription renewals, donation solicitation, community ticket donation, etc.
  • Develop and execute a more robust ticket sales program for SCC
  • Fulfill guests' special needs (ADA) in tandem with the Production Team
System Administration
  • Serve as the main point of contact between SCC and Tessitura, coordinating updates to Tessitura as well as TNEW and TN Mobile Plus online customer interfaces as needed
  • Write queries in SQL for business needs outside of current reporting capabilities
  • Inform staff on the various issues with Tessitura that would change current business practices
  • Report technical errors in Tessitura and submits TASK tickets
  • Maintain all seurity modules and day-to-day administration of the security policiesCross-train staff to providde Tessitura working knowledge in key operational areas
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